About Electronic System

Electronic System is an Argentine company that is mainly dedicated to the electronics sector and its main activity is the manufacturing of cell phones and small appliances.

Since the beginning of its activities in 1991, the company has always had a strategic focus placed on the offer of state-of-the-art audio and video products for the argentine consumer. Thus was established as the official representative of the Japanese brand Aiwa for the Argentine Republic.

As a result of this commercial relationship, in 1998 Electronic System obtains authorization from Aiwa to start production of audio equipment at its industrial plant located in the city of Ushuaia, Province of Tierra del Fuego.

Following the acquisition of the Aiwa brand by Sony Corporation, in 2005 Electronic System achieved the Green Partner certification, an environmental quality management system focused on the use of cadmium and lead free materials throughout the production chain.

In 2007, the company manages to seal a brand distribution agreement with Pioneer for its line of car audio, speakers and car accessories. Likewise, other renowned brands incorporated such as Topcom, dedicated to telephony and computer accessories; and Microlab, specializing in active speakers for audio and computing.

In 2008, two prestigious international brands added to Electronic System’s portfolio: Nintendo, leading in electronic games and JVC, which lead to the manufacturing and distribution of JVC camcorders in Argentina.

As part of its growing specialization and the development of its own manufacturing knowledge, in 2011 Lenovo and Sony Vaio incorporated to the manufacturing portfolio, for which personal computers were produced for the domestic market.

In 2012, the company inaugurated a new industrial plant in Campana with a covered area of 107.639 sq. ft. for the production of small appliances branded ATMA, manufacturing a wide variety of products such as irons, electric kettles, hand blenders, vacuum cleaners, food processors, fans and heaters.

In 2013, and as part of a process of diversification, Electronic System entered the export of food products. This activity, complementary to that of electronics, resulted in a great dynamism for the company thanks to its commercial structure and the know-how for the development of international business.

Since 2015, Electronic System has consolidated its position as a local manufacturer of cell phones thanks to different strategic alliances established with international brands such as Motorola, Huawei, LG and Alcatel.

In addition to its locally produced products, Electronic System represents and distributes brands such as Pioneer, Microlab and Braun.